PackOS is a cloud base platform for remote machines monitoring helping factories to improve performance of production processes.

PackOS is compliant with PackML industry standard defined by OMAC for packaging machines.

PackOS helps factories get more productivity from purchased equipment.

PackOS enables machines to the Cloud and gives Clients oportunity to pay for machine uptime instead of buying it (optional).


PackOS is built around industrial machines library enabling vendors and clients remotely monitor and control machines health and performance

PackOS helps factories to boost efficiency
of purchased production machines

PackOS is a collaboration platform for Vendors and their clients
enabling vendors to share knowledge and give clients access to
online remote support services

Remote Control



Materials & Components

VR model

Cosmetic line

Bootle line



PackOS gives oportunity to create AI predictive models

based on data collected from the worldwide instalations

Do you want to control production processes in your factory?
Check PackOS extensions available for factories in the cloud as LogiX

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More info about complete ecosystem is available here
See more about LogiX

Vendor PackOS
Your machines connected

Machine libary

Your machines in PackOS as DigitalTwin. Define parts and usage level warnings. We will help you create AI models for failure prediction optimized for your machines.

Knowledge base

Add documentation and hints for problems that may arise on your machines. It will help your clients solve problems faster hence increase productivity

Live asset monitoring

take a look at current machine usage and problems your clients have

Subscribe on specific events

from machines worldwide. Track specific events to help your clients solve problems immediately

Get reports

daily / periodically about problems your clients have and about machine parts usage. (prospect for active service offer)


ordering of parts, components and service. Based on service schedule defined for each machine

Remote customer service

video session with the use of tablet with a vendor serviceman

Prospect of offering machine as a service

and accounting based on the utilization

VR model

of your machine for trainings and skills auditing

Client PackOS Benefits
Improve your factory productivity

We monitor machine downtimes

We count and classify downtimes – losses associated with unavailability Measure effectiveness - detect bottlenecks and quality losses Calculate KPI indicators – OEE

We help solve problems

Display hints and corrective actions from vendor knowledge base. Display matching documentation from the vendor knowledge base

We counteract

Give early warnings and notify that a downtime may happen (eg. Bottles in the container are running out)

We give vendor's tips

What to do to increase productivity: advices about quick fixes: things you can do to solve diagnozed problems, operation excellences suggestions from vendor what can be done to improve productivity. Suggestions are made based on intelligent coorelation detection between downtimes and performed actions

We deliver summaries via email

For a client to know what is happening: daily, weekly, for each shift, for each job (order).

We motivate operators

Showing what is happing on the line on big screens above the lines

Orders / jobs

Let you work with production orderds to monitor cost and effectiveness each production job

We measure line energy usage

- current power demand
- energy consumption
- limit exceeding warnings
To measure real cost of production

Client can compose own factory

using machines from PackOS digital library and link them into groups (lines, sockets, sections)

Automated parts replacement

client uses vendor service schedule for each machine to automatically order machine parts, components and service based on dynamically measured utilization

Video based root cause recognitiont

We install cameras and special edge device to automaticaly gather video showing breakdowns and enable live streaming

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